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Xtrac Laser For Psoriasis In Manhattan, NYC

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The XTRAC system uses a carefully focused beam of laser light. XTRAC is designed to quickly and effectively clear unsightly psoriatic skin plaques. The light is concentrated on the affected skin relatively sparing the normal appearing unaffected skin. The XTRAC FDA-cleared excimer laser has been proven effective for all levels of psoriasis and is excellent for hard to treat areas such as the scalp, knees or elbows. XTRAC therapy is typically covered by all major insurance companies though some costs may apply. Most patient improve over a course of 10-20 treatments given over a couple months. Side effects can resemble a sunburn and some scabbing or blistering is possible. XTRAC has also been used to treat vitiligo. Make appointment to see your dermatologist for details.

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