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How to remove a cyst on the face?

Answer: Options include watch & wait, warm compressions, intralesional cortisone injections aka ILK (for acne cysts and sebaceous cysts), or excision excluding cysts on the face. Sometimes they can be popped with a small needle extruding the contents with minimal scar

Is it possible to remove a cyst without surgery?

Answer: Yes, ILK can help to shrink a cyst. That being said, some sebaceous cysts usually need to be completely removed to prevent regrowth.

Does removing a cyst hurt?

Answer: Similar to visiting the dentist, there is a pinch and burn with the local anesthesia, but after that you may only feel sensations of tugging and pulling, not any sharp pain.

Will I have a scar?

Answer: Yes, depending on the size of the lesion, but it will be minimal as well as cosmetically appealing as possible. Proper would care is vital, and laser treatments can reduce redness.

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