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How can I tell if a skin tag is cancerous?

Answer: Skin tags are not cancerous, but any new or changing lesion should be evaluated by a board-certified dermatologist. Signs of skin cancer include asymmetry, border irregularities, color that is not uniform, diameter greater than 6mm, evolving shape, color, or size, and bleeding/non-healing lesions. Skin tags are benign soft small protrusions of skin often compared to “deflated balloons.” They often occur where the skin rubs against itself like the eyelids, neck, axilla and groin.

How long does take to remove?

Answer: Skin tags can be removed in less than one minute. The size, number, and location will determine which removal technique to use. Options include snipping the tag off with scissors after numbing, or can be “burned off” with cautery. People often want them removed because they hurt or bleed when caught on clothes or jewelry or some people find them just plain unattractive.

Does it hurt?

Answer: We try to make it pain free by injecting local anesthesia, but the numbing needle can feel like a small bee sting. After the needle, there should be no other sharp pains.

Does it require downtime after removing?

Answer: No, it requires no downtime. In fact, we encourage you to keep up with daily activities, but while keeping the area clean and dry. The treated spot heals in a matter of days.

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